2018 CAR / CAT Voting

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    Colin Hines

    Hello RCM’s and GSR’s!

    The 2018 CAR Voting process has started and the electronic voting has been released. In order to accurately tally the votes, the group voting must be registered with NAWS. Only one vote per registered homegroup is counted, so if you have multiple individuals representing your group, please get together and choose one person to carry your group’s vote.

    There are two forms available for online voting:

    The first form is for the twenty-five 2018 CAR motions, which is for registered groups to vote on. This link is below

    2018 CAR Motions Voting Form: https://goo.gl/qTdg2b

    (Note: Electronic voting will close at 5p on Saturday, March 17th, 2018; the day before the start of the GSR Assembly)

    The second form is the NAWS Literature surveys to determine what service, recovery, and idea discussion topic literature should be focused on. Any member of NA may vote for these literature pieces to convey their interest to NAWS. Please forward this link to any member who may be interested in influencing how our literature evolves.

    2018 Literature Topic Survey: https://goo.gl/tT8x8K

    The third form is the Conference Agenda Track Ballot and their associated motions, proposals, and questions. This is for groups to vote on topics that will be discussed at the WSC so your AD and RD can best carry your conscience.

    2018 Conference Agenda Track Form: https://goo.gl/V2o4xj

    Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you at the GSR assembly in March!

    Colin H – IT Coordinator, Florida Region

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