2018 GSR Assembly Flier/Agenda & FAQs

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    Dathan J.


    Q: Do the GSRs make their reservations?
    A: No. Rooms for GSRs are already reserved and pre-paid for by the Florida Region.

    Q: Are members, GSRs or Areas reimbursed if they reserve their own room?
    A: No. Rooms are already reserved for GSRs only.

    Q: Is this event for only GSRs?
    A: No. It is for any member of the Florida Region currently in service or interested in service at the Area or Regional level.

    Q: How many rooms does each Area get?
    A: Each Area is receives four room nights.

    Q: Who selects which night?
    A: RCMs do. They provide first and last name of 1 member in each room and the night they want the room (Friday or Saturday night).

    Q: Who does the RCM give the list to?
    A: Hand delivered or emailed to the Regional Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Secretary or Alternate Secretary.

    Q: Is there a deadline for RCMs to provide the list?
    A: Yes. The cut off date is February 23 2018 @ 5 pm.

    Q: Are they going to be assigned rooms?
    A: Yes. Your Area RCM team will be responsible for assigning rooms to members from their respective Areas only.

    Q: Who can stay in the room?
    A: It is strongly suggested room arrangements be same sex (Men with Men & Women with Women), no couples.

    Q: How many people per room?
    A: That is determined by your Area’s RCM team.

    Q: Can RCMs stay in pre-paid/reserved rooms with other GSRs?
    A: No. RCMs should make their normal Regional Weekend reservations/arrangements.

    Q: Do members staying in rooms need to pay anything?
    A: 1 member in each room must put a card on file with the hotel for incidentals.

    Q: Can we put cash on file for incidentals?
    A: No. It must be a credit card, bank/check card.

    Q: Are meals provided?
    A: No. Meals are each member’s responsibility.

    Dathan J.
    FRSC Facilitator

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    Dawn Martin

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