FSS 2017 March 23rd to March 26th

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    Steve A

    Hi guys,

    Addict called Steve A from the UK here.I was at the last in FSS 2015, and looking forward to attending again this year.

    Was just wondering if there is any information yet on the programming and who might be best to speak to who has oversight on that?

    We do have an interest as another of our HG’s ( http://www.higna.org.uk ) members, who is based in the Florida Region, and myself would very much like to present another online meetings workshop followed by a live link up to an online meeting but have had no response from our offer of service from the point of contact we were supplied with who was Danny .

    One imagines he is a busy boy right now and may have missed our email but we were wondering if there is anyone else we might speak to as time is now running short if we are to prepare such a workshop which it occurred to us may not fall within Danny’s remit of being involved with the IT Track?.

    Very best regards and as ever ILF & S

    Steve A (aka Chia Jen )

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    Dathan J.

    Hi Steve,

    Not sure who Danny is or if anyone from the Florida Region has responded to you directly regarding your question…the agenda is being prepared by our Regional Delegate (Bob L.) and Alternate Delegate (Biff K.),. I will ask them if they have responded/reached out to you.


    Dathan J.

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    Steve A

    Hi Dathan…

    Thanks for the response.

    All is good and communications have been had with Bob, Biff & Mark to arrange some slots for the Friday and Saturday

    This will be my 3rd time at the FSS and I’m looking forward to coming over again and being of service.

    ILF & S

    Steve A

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