Local Service Toolbox Project: Initial focus CBDM Basics

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    Dathan J.

    Local Service Toolbox Project: We have decided to initially focus on Consensus-Based Decision Making (CBDM) Basics.

    We do already have a draft of CBDM Basics that was created for the service system field test, and we also have quite a few locally developed tools and workshops on CBDM that members have sent to us. If you have materials you think would be helpful, please send them to us. We will post everything we receive on our local service resources web site: http://www.na.org/?ID=local_service_resources

    Our first web meeting will be Tuesday 17 January 2017, noon–1:30 Pacific Standard Time.

    A few days before the meeting, we will send log-in instructions to everyone who is signed up for project updates. We plan to use Zoom to connect. There is no cost to download Zoom and participate. Please let us know if you think you will join the meeting by emailing toolbox@na.org so that we can estimate how many people to expect.

    Because this is the first time we will use web meetings to join together to work on draft tools, this first meeting will be a test drive as much as anything. We plan to give a general introduction to the project and start to get a sense of who has experience with CBDM and what you all think should be included in CBDM Basics.

    We will revise the existing draft of CBDM Basics using input from the web meeting and any locally developed tools or other input we receive. When we have a revised draft we will send it to interested members and schedule our next web meeting to discuss it.

    Thank you again for your interest. We are excited to get started. We hope you can join us on the 17th.

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    Jennifer S.

    I signed up to be apart of this and received an email with the information to participate. I tried to login but it never connected, do you know if it took place?

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    Dathan J.

    No, I do not know. As the first web meeting was yesterday, there is nothing updated on NA.org yet. Hopefully an update or notes from the meeting will be posted soon.

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    Jennifer S.

    Thank you. I emailed them on Friday and received an auto response they the person is out of the office tomorrow.

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