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    Colin Hines

    From: Elaine Wickham
    Date: February 17, 2018 at 8:47:56 AM EST
    To: “Dr. Biff Kramer”
    Subject: RE: Proposal on motion 9

    We’ve received your email message and want you to know that it’s important to us. The appropriate Board members will see the information or question you sent, if it pertains directly to the Board’s business. Otherwise, a member of the WSO staff will send any further response to you very soon.

    In order to avoid duplication, any follow-up to your message should be addressed to me at Please also keep in mind that all other questions can be sent directly to

    Thanks very much for writing to NA World Services. We send you our very best wishes in your ongoing recovery and service efforts.

    In fellowship,

    Elaine Wickham


    From: Dr. Biff Kramer []
    Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2018 5:03 PM
    To: Elaine Wickham
    Subject: Proposal on motion 9

    Hi folks

    The Florida Region would like to offer the following proposal regarding motion 9 in the CAR: To amend motion #9 to read as follows:

    To direct the World Board to create a project plan for consideration at WSC 2020 to create or revise one piece of recovery literature to directly address how NA members receive and behave towards addicts that are on Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT) and medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

    Intent: To focus the discussion on NA and NA members and not on what may or may not be an outside issue, DRT and MAT.

    Rationale: DRT and MAT are here and not going anywhere. How doctors and/ or treatment centers treat their patients is not our business. We have no control or say over whether DRT or MAT are used to treat addicts seeking recovery. Actually all the information we have been able to gather seems to indicate that DRT/MAT is the treatment of choice for addicts at this time. That being said discussing MAT/DRT on its merits or at all will likely be time consuming and not necessary fruitful. Discussing our attitudes and our behavior towards these addicts, what our fears are, why some of us shun them, or make them feel unwelcome might help us arrive at some solutions, other than telling them to keep looking for “friendlier meetings” How we behave towards these addicts directly effects our public image and the perception some of the professional community has or will have about NA. We believe the discussion is important, but should center on us and not on those folks on DRT/MAT that are seeking recovery.

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