I am not quiet sure how this works.

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    Kate Aldinger-Adams

    I have submitted my qualifications to the HRP by the from provided. My name is Kate A and I was looking at becoming a member of the FRCNA BOD. Being a part of the region as RCM II for the space coast and my previous experience with SBACNA for 3 years and SFRCNA for the short time I was there were included in my qualifications. I have reserved a room in Tampa on the Friday night of Regional week-end. Do I also need to be there on Sunday for the regional meeting. I have not heard back from anyone from FRCNA so I hope I’m doing the right thing. Please advise me as to what else I need to do. Thanks, Kate

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    shar smith

    Hi Kate,

    The FRC Board meets on Saturday of RSC weekend at 10am. You can come to the board meeting; be interviewed, and then go over to HRP for an interview. To be elected to the board you will need to be at the RSC meeting Sunday in order to be nominated on the regional floor for a RSC elect board position.

    Thanks for your interest and see you in May!

    FRC, Inc.

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    Jack S

    Hi Kate,

    If you have anymore questions about the process, you can also send an email directly to HRP from the contact page on this website. Select Human Resources Panel.



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