FL Regional Helpline Support Phone Number?


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    I’m an addict named Mike doing service in the Uncoast Area. We had our website committee this afternoon and discussed our Area’s meeting list (our website committee has taken on the responsibility of maintaining a current meeting list for printing and our helpline answering service to use as THE reference). Our current version of our printed meeting list (located at http://uncoastna.org/meetings/meetinglists/Uncoast%20Area%20Meeting%20List.pdf) gives the phone number of each of all Florida Region’s Area helpline phone numbers. Our concern is that anyone not familiar with which area a given city is located would have no idea which helpline to call. We’d love it if the Florida Region (or NAWS, for that matter) would have a 24/7 phone number that anyone anywhere in Florida could call to get the information (helpline number for any city in Florida). We’d much prefer to provide that precious resource phone number on our meeting list, rather than 28 area’s names and phone numbers.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. … especially if there is a phone number to get that type of information.
    Mike K.
    Uncoast Area of NA

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    david t

    Hi Mike
    We have had this discussed by the Florida Region a number of times and the most recent discussion felt that it wasn’t a necessity with the websites and helplines listed on naflorida.org.
    Please feel free to fill out an idea form and submit it online and we can discuss it in May at the Area Support Group Meeting in West Palm Beach.
    Thanks for your input!
    Dave T. FDC Leader

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    James Swallow

    Hello Mike Im James and I am the helpline Chair for the Forest Area and I am also the Regional Helpline Resource Coordinator as well. In past Regional meetings there has been alot of diiscussion about regional meeting schedules. I do know that there has been discussion in the past about a Regional Helpline Number but nothing really happened with it. Let me know if you have any questions,

    James S
    Florida Regional Helpline Resource Coordinator.

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    david t

    Hey Mike, I have got a surprise for you…see you at the RSC and Service Symposium in Tampa.
    Dave T

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    Hey Dave,

    Is this some kind of trick to get me to come out there? I was tentatively hoping
    to attend. Now I’m slightly more likely to attend. Please give me the surprise either way. OK?

    ILS, Mike K.

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    hanks for the reply, David.

    Although, I’m disappointed that whomever discussed this idea apparently failed to realize or consider that most people still don’t have smart phones with internet access (maybe, those who had the discussion, might have) and actually still use phone numbers to get
    information (rather than URLs). I suspect that “digital divide” will exist for a few more decades, at least.

    Would you please direct me to the place where I can submit the idea? I couldn’t seem to find it on the FLRSC website…. or was it a WSC idea submission page/link?

    Thanks again,

    Mike K.
    Uncoast ASC

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