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    James Swallow


    At the area support meeting at regional servicce conference in July in Gainesville. There was some issues brought up about switching phone services over to a new company and having problems with existing company not wanting to release the phone number to new company. Chain of Lakes has been having this probllem for the last 6 months in trying to switch over to Ring Central from their existing page company. The page company wont release the number. Ring Central has refunded all the money that has been paid into their account. After speaking with John (RCM) for Chain of Lakes we discussed the option of contacting Verizon about call forwarding options since Verizon is the company that wont release the number. It was also discussed that Chain of Lakes could get a new number then set up a call forwarding system possibly through Verizon and have numbers transferred to new number, All the pros and cons were discussed with this option since changing numbers is never an easy task.

    James is going to start trying to work with Jack in the implementing of the BMLT since it deals with helpine numbers.

    James is also going to research with NAWS in regards to obtaining Hepline Materials where James could participate in local area Learning days very similar to what Public Relations does as well.

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    James S.
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    Might want to chat with the folks in Minnesota.

    They are using the BMLT to track helpline and temporary sponsors. Not really what it was originally designed for, but they seem quite happy with the results.

    UKNA attaches contact info to meetings. This info is hidden from non logged-in admins, but is used by their Helpline committee.

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    James Swallow

    Thanks Chris for your input

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    Joel B

    I am of the understanding that there are 5 members taking care of BMLT there because it is such a big job. That is why we are suggesting the areas to pick it up and region can create the link. Of course that is only one possibility and there could be some things to learn from Minn. So contaking them is a good idea. Let me know what happens. Joel

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    The way the BMLT was designed, was so that you would not have a single Region doing the work.

    It really needs to be distributed.

    Most of the troubles with it seem to come from folks managing the DB, not letting go.

    Huh. Addicts. Not letting go. Who woulda thunk it? 😉

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    Jack S

    Thanks for the input Chris.

    This weekend, at our Regional Service Conference, Fellowship Development (PR and Helpline) committed to get actively involved in reaching out to show Areas the benefits of implementing BMLT.

    As we move through the learning curve I believe everyone will see what you are saying about being distributed. 3 areas expressed willingness to install BMLT satellites (which will be managed by them i.e. distributed).

    There was a proposal to add each Area’s helpline number to BMLT. We are looking at the most appropriate place to populate the data. Perhaps you can offer a suggestion?

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    Well, the BMLT isn’t a general Service database. It’s a meeting finder. Restricting the scope was (and still is) vitally important.

    What you do have for each Service Body, is a URL field. You can use this to point to a Web site or a Web page with the relevant information (it can be on the Florida Regional server). If this field has a URL, then the Service body field in the “More Details” page has a live link that will take the visitor to that page/site.

    It’s very, very important to keep “scope creep” away from the BMLT. Other NA Service resources have been overwhelmed by this. Just keeping the scope on meetings will be an enormous task, as there is still a lot that needs to be done.

    The BMLT is a top-quality meeting locator. If we need a general Service database, then a completely different model needs to be designed and implemented.

    By somebody else.

    You don’t have to be implementing a satellite to have a Meeting List Administrator. They are keeping the Regional DB up to date, and can point to that as an online source for their meetings. It also ensures that the Regional list is always accurate, so it is definitely worth their while.

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    Joel B

    This is a little above my internet tech understanding. This is Jack’s venue and hopefully he will be able to explain and come up with the tech we need. Joel

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