Basic Texts for Jails and Prisons


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    Jeff P

    As a result of the East Coast Convention (ECCNA), all regions on the East Coast will be getting Basic texts to distribute to their jails and prisons. We need a contact name and either a number or an e-mail address to coordinate where we should be sending the books. Could someone please post that contact info so I can send it to the person on our end who is working on this. We still haven’t determined the number of books we’ll be sending, but I expect we should know some time in August.


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    Thomas K.

    Hello, My name is Thomas K. I am an ex-convict and an ex heroin and coke user. I have been facilitating the Inside Hope NA Group in Lake County Correctional Prison for the last 12 YEARS. We have had a large thriving group all these years and it would be an understatement to say it has kept me clean. I have been in AA and NA off and on for the last 30 years and will have 20 years clean this Oct. 15th. I am older now and feeling it is towards the end of my time at LCCI though it will break my heart to leave my group.
    Currently we are in desperate need of Basic texts and step workbooks but we would appreciate ANY literature.
    I am most concerned about a replacement…the inmates will NOT have NA without an outside volunteer. PLEASE pass this along, I need just the right person…someone who is tough but dedicated, someone who is caring and disciplined, this is a maximum security prison.

    Please call Thomas 24/7 352-321-0204

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