Behind the Walls NA meetings inside Fl prison’s

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    Jack S

    This is an update on what the behind the walls group has been working on since the last time we met at the RSC.

    NA meeting at Hernando CI (Brooksville) On Friday the 11th we carry a presentation to Warden Trevino Hernando CI. Warden Trevino show much interest on what our fellowship has to offer to the population in their facility. At the moment we are seeking for women with clearance from DOC to join us in a panel on a new Behind the Walls Group at the facility. for more information please call Caroline T 352-270-3183 352-464-2365. or you can call me at 813-245-5399.

    The presentation to Chaplain Liburd at Lowell CI was canceled at the last minute due to a funeral service. Chaplain Liburd asked from us to reschedule the presentation and mentioned that our work is needed and essential to the women at Lowell CI. We are rescheduling towards the 3rd weekend this month. Thanks to Caroline,Beth and Robin for traveling to Lowell CI. Service to others comes with out expectations!.

    Today March 14th at 6.30 a new meeting starts at Zephyrhills CI. This new meeting has been staff by members from the Heartland and the Tampa Fun Coast. Still anyone may join once you are cleared.

    Liberty Ci presentation up in the Big Bend Area is in need of support, please contact me or Neil. for more information.

    Thank you all for your support in carrying the NA message to our members in the FL prisons, and to the behind the walls group.

    Yours in Service

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    This behind the wall meeting, is it along the line of a NA meeting that is placed on the meeting list, and any addict male or female depending on the institution can attend,. Can you please give me some insight on this. There is a womens rehab facility that would like to have an NA mtg at their facility, the problem as far as our area is concernced is that Woman can only attend. This was brought to my attention so I am writing for any and all infor that can better help me help this facility and area thereby helping the still suffering addict. Thank you

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    James Swallow

    I know here in the Forest Area we have a Behind The Walls Meeting at Lowell CI and i was told after i updated our helpline message and put that this was a womens meeting i was told Men and Women could attend. I know i have heard from alot or people that they dont agree with Men going into a Womens prison meeting. I dont know if there are any Men going to this but its open to anyone from what i have been told.

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