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    Jack S

    The presentation to Warden Jose Molina and Deputy Warden Kelly Kolen at Gadsden CI took place yesterday July 18 Thanks to Tim S ,Devlon ,and Darlene from the Big Bend area who participated in our presentation. Also to Marty and to Caroline T from River Coast.

    Gadsden CI is a privately owned facility and was the first private owned facility in the State of FL. This question came up a few times regarding private owned facilities and on how would we approach such facilities being that they are not ran by the Fl Department of Corrections.

    After presenting what we can make available to carry the meeting in their facility it was decided by the staff that a behind the Walls group would be feasible to all involved.

    Our clearances by DOC will be honored providing that a hard copy application is on file. At the last RSC morning
    discussion meeting the issue with bringing literature including our basic text came up. We asked what was their criteria on this issue. Warden Jose Molina mentioned that Gadsden CI will use part of their educational budget to purchase literature and basic texts from our RSO office once the meeting is establish.

    Many questions were asked and the excitement from all parties involved was obvious. A group of women will start the new meeting as soon as August 11 and at this time we are still clearing more applicants from the Big bend area.

    Yours in Service

    Gilber O.

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    Jack S

    To the members from The Big Bend that have a clearance or need to gain a pin number to participate
    on our Behind the Walls meeting @ Gasden Ci please contact me.

    Our first meeting is August 11 at

    Gilber O

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