P Rs request on how to handle naranon, lit at our both

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    Kim Flintom

    My belief is that we can not show affiliations, as much as I don’t have a problem with it. But I remember when our region decided to remove areas from our website. By having them at the same table. Might give the wrong impression to the professional community. So at this time I would say no to this request.

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    William Wall

    I chaired the work group that wrestled with that question and created the changes to the Guide related to that policy.
    In my opinion, having them at the same table constitutes endorsement. They should have their own table at an event.
    I see no reason to discourage them from expanding their presence in Florida any more than I would discourage AA PR efforts. AA does not endorse us, but they do refer people to NA if appropriate in one of their pamphlets, just as we do with NARANON in IP#27. In Gainesville, AA and NA show up at the same events; we all know each other and help each other, but we have separate tables.

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