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    Ramon R.

    Hello all i am asking for you help. If you know of any conferences in the Florida region that you can inform me on i would greatly appreciate it i have been task with putting a list together no mater how small it is please share it. We are going to try to do some planing on events to better carry this message to the addict that still suffers
    Ps. you can post here or in box me

    In Loving service
    Ramon R

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    Jim Amsler

    Good Morning,

    What do you mean by conferences? Like health fairs, booth opportunities…


    Jim A

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    Ramon R.

    yes anything and everything Please

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    Jim Amsler


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    Stan R

    If that is the case Every Camber of Commerce should be contacted also there is an organization called Main Street this organization is who put on the event in Zephyrhills that we had a PI booth at. The Zephyrhills website is the Director is Pro NA her name is Gina the phone number is 813 780 1414. She will be able to help you contact the other branches of the organization in Florida. For example in Zhills this year they will host 12 street festival type events it is a good resource for good old fashion grass roots PI getting right to the public

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