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    Addict named Mike here in Gainesville, FL. This afternoon we held our monthly website subcommittee meeting and discussed the FL Region’s Basic Meeting List. We’d like to know how our area can best contribute to this effort and, more importantly, ensure that our Area’s meeting list information is correct at all levels of NA Service. We’ve been struggling (with some limited success) to get our Area’s meeting list information current with in the NAWS database. Currently, the NAWS database is ~90% correct for the Uncoast Area (unfortunately the NAWS database contains listing to meetings that no longer exist.) We’d like the WSC and FL RSC to refer to our website for current (accurate and up-to-date) meeting list information ( For some reason, that doesn’t seem to be an option for regional or world level meeting list database makers.
    So, please let us know how we can help communicate where are recovery meetings are being held in our Area to suffering addicts seeking a meeting.
    Mike K.
    Gainesville, FL

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    Jack S

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry this took so long. I can’t remember why, but for some reason I locked this topic.

    I wanted to reply to your questions about NAWS and BMLT.

    If you’re not aware, each Area can have a Web contact that updates the NAWS meeting database to keep your area meetings accurate. Visit this link.

    To become an AR Web contact, send an email to webupdates (its on the bottom of the page to the left). They are very helpful with getting you started.

    It appears the UnCoast Area website is on a Windows server (using ASP). I wasn’t sure if the website is using a CMS. If you can let me know how the website is implemented I can lead you in the direction for implementing BMLT.


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