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    I remember Jack found some options for a blocking tool so that individuals could block people whose post they didn’t desire to read. When will this plug-in be installed?

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    Wasn’t that called the Ostrich Tool? Perhaps it would be better to just get rid of that thing the FRSC calls an Open Discussion and call it a Closed Discussion? So who would be able to use such a tool?

    I don’t think too much of Concepts, but since you guys like to use them I will point out some issues you might consider. So how does this jive with Tradition 9? Concept 2? What Groups gave the FRSC this kind of direction in considering Concept 3? Don’t you see this as an overreach in considering Concept 6? Did you consider Concepts 8, 9, or 12? You may especially want to review the essay for Concept 8 as well.

    Now here’s my suggestion: Any NA member who has to read what goes up here by way of a service commitment is just plain stuck, but for those others it’s quite simple to turn off email notifications. That is already under your control. Perhaps you should review why such a tool was never instituted… 🙂

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    Perhaps you may wish to change the following description on the Open Discussion page as well.

    Open Discussion:

    “The purpose of this group is for discussing or asking questions about any topic related to Narcotics Anonymous. All members are welcome to participate in this group.”

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    Bob K

    everyone has the right to participate. I however have the right to decide who I want to listen to. When somebody bases all of their opinions on something that happened 30 years ago and the Fellowship has had ample time to listen to and decide on all of those issues, and yet they refuse to accept the group conscience from then to now, I have the right not to listen to the same crap over and over and over and over again. I choose not to listen to a child who replies to everything with yes but and doesn’t listen to reason, I can choose not to listen to adults who don’t listen also.
    WE have published 3 editions of the basic text sense the third edition and the FELLOWSHIP has heard all of this and decided that the FELLOWSHIP wants it this way. Get over yourself. After several years of reading the same crap being posted by the same people. I choose not to listen any more. When you have something new to say, I will listen.

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    How could you possibly know when I have something worth listening to if you make use of an Ostrich Tool? Perhaps the reason this keeps coming up is that it was never actually dealt with in the first place? I wasn’t even clean when this came about, but that doesn’t mean that I’m any more right than you are.

    From what I understand the amount of Baby Blues is starting to hit 4-5 thousand books being delivered to Groups per month in many parts of the world and a little over half of the USA. So what is the impetus of so many Groups and so many addicts to do what they can legally do under the FIPT?

    I edited my text because I thought I was talking to the other Bob. So sorry 🙂

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    Blocking tools are used on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, as well as many fellowship discussion boards.

    I have used it to block “cyber stalkers” …. another person who compared the WB to Hitler …. another that floods my box with posts I have no desire to read. A few for tasteless, abusive posts.

    Seems like a practical tool for those who appreciate using these boards for assistance and information.

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    Actually I’m very well aware of blocking tools and their uses having built a vBulletin forum for a NA service body about 12 years ago. However, we and many others since then never decided to use such a tool as it is anathema to a spiritual organization like NA. Like it or not there will always be people in NA that don’t go with the flow for one reason or another and you might want to check out Concept 9 in that regard as that is why we decided to never use such a tool.

    Just so we understand each other Narcotics Anonymous has no association with Facebook, Google, or Yahoo for good reason although those who are less technically adept like to use them as they consider them cool tools that don’t cost them anything. They usually tend to overlook the data mining and anonymity issues from using such boards. Of course if an individual takes that chance that’s their decision. For a NA service body to make that decision seems ludicrous in my estimation.

    If you have ever used such personal ostrich tools (and I have personally) you quickly come to the realization that it makes things even more difficult because then a thread starts to not make any sense because people respond to people you can’t see. I got blocked on Facebook earlier this year by a page because I told them that what they were doing in regards to stopping the WB CAR motions was a fools errand. Later it turned out that the real reason was because the RD who started that page didn’t like my conservative politics.

    This doesn’t look like a vBulletin forum so I suppose you guys are using some generic type forum, but vBulletin also has another blocking tool that is a global ignore tool and if I recall correctly it is called “Tachy goes to Coventry.” The problem with such tools is who gets to utilize them and once they get used there is a tendency to keep using them until you have a “It’s my way or the highway” forum. When you guys start using ostrich tools you should consider changing the name of “Open Discussion” to something more appropriate. What that will be I have no idea, but perhaps you might consider “Body Politic Issues Only.”

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    This just came up on the Seeking Traditional Solutions Group of NA: “Here is a question that maybe someone with more knowledge than my self can answer. Since the original manuscript was altered “WITHOUT FELLOWSHIP CONSENT” and the first edition was published with the 4th and 9th Traditions being edited, who is really publishing “illicit literature”? Just asking.”

    Perhaps those who wish for an “Ostrich Tool” on this website to avoid inconvenient truths might want to answer this… 🙂

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