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    Jack S

    The following change list is for changes to the BMLT server software since the beginning of 2014. If you reported a problem, please review the change list to see if was fixed.

    I want to thank the master-mind and developer of BMLT, Chris M from the Greater New York region. Chris has provided consistent and thankless support to this project since it was first introduced on May 11, 2009. Almost 5 years later, thousands of addicts around the world are able to find meetings quicker and easier then ever before. Hundreds of service bodies are utilizing BMLT making meeting management more efficient and reliable. This is a win-win situation for everyone. I also want to thank the Area and Regional trusted in the Florida and South Florida region that have taken the time to learn and adopt this awesome application. 🙂

    = Version 2.3.3 =
    * March 12, 2014
    * Fixed a rather embarrassing error, in which several fields were left out of deleted meetings in the NAWS export. All root servers that plan to sync with NAWS should apply this update.

    = Version 2.3.2 =
    * March 7, 2014
    * Removed a couple of redundant entries from the “seed” format database table.

    = Version 2.3.1 =
    * March 5, 2014
    * Added the ability to convey special language formats to NAWS.
    * Fixed a bug, in which all deleted meetings in the NAWS dump had the same change date.
    * Fixed a bug, in which all deleted meetings, regardless of Service body, were sent to NAWS. It now only filters for the deleted meetings attached to the requesting Service body.

    = Version 2.3.0 =
    * March 1, 2014
    * Added a button to the meeting editor location tab, to set the meeting long/lat to the address (people were missing the button in the map).
    * Fixed a mild bug, where the confirm dialog was shown twice when canceling a meeting edit.
    * Fixed an issue, where including double quotes (“) in meeting data could cause the server to experience an AJAX hang.
    * Fixed another issue, where adding backslashes (\) to data in the editor resulted in incorrect values in the database.

    = Version 2.2.5 =
    * February 24, 2014
    * Fixed an issue that caused problems with the admin screen on IIS (Microsoft Windows) hosting servers.

    = Version 2.2.4 =
    * February 23, 2014
    * Added the capability to indicate multiple meeting IDs in the search string, by separating them with commas. This allows a list of specific meetings, selected by BMLT ID, to be returned.
    * Added a field to the NAWS export to assist in future assigning NAWS Committee Codes to existing meetings.
    * Fixed some issues with non-standard TCP ports.
    * Fixed an error with validating the server version in the satellite admin page.

    = Version 2.2.3 =
    * February 17, 2014
    * Accidentally removed a format from the default formats (only applied during the install wizard, so this will not affect already installed deployments).

    = Version 2.2.2 =
    * February 16, 2014
    * Fixed an issue that happened on a somewhat nonstandard server. This resulted in the format editor not working.
    * The GetServiceBodies XML schema (and dump) had some errors. These have been addressed. This does slightly change the semantics for the GetServiceBodies variant.
    * Made it so that you don’t need to specify array brackets ([]) for the GetFormats variant of the semantic interface.
    * Changed the “id” attribute in the XML rows to “sequence_index”. This helped some semantic users parse the data.

    = Version 2.2.1 =
    * January 21, 2014
    * Fixed a minor warning issue with the simple output.
    * Turned off debug mode (oops).
    * Changed the value in the “Delete” column for the NAWS export to “D” (as per request from NAWS)

    = Version 2.2.0 =
    * January 20, 2014
    * Removed an erroneous French format, and added three new formats. Fixed a broken Swedish format, and made it an English format (Web).
    * Added the ability to select a NAWS format code as a translation match for an existing format code. This allows arbitrary format editing.
    * Addressed an old bug that caused agita when all formats have been deleted. “Solved” it by not allowing the last format to be deleted.

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    Jack S

    The following update has been made to the BMLT root server which fixes a problem with the “Set Map to Address” button.

    For BMLT Administrators not aware, a new button was added to the meeting editor (location tab) to “Set Longitude and Latitude to Address”. This does the same thing as “Set Map to Address” without having to go to the map to set the address.

    = Version 2.3.4 =
    * April 2, 2014
    * Removed a redundant include of the Google Maps API from the admin screen.
    * Fixed a JavaScript error with the set map to address functionality of the editor.

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    Hello and thanks for the ton of work you’re doing on the BMLT meeting list program/project.

    So, this morning I went to verify that NAWS database was in agreement with the Uncoast’s meeting list (BMLT). I came across something of a glitch. One of our meetings has a “D” in the column for meeting deletion. I’m not exactly sure of why this had happened. But, I suspect I had inadvertently deleted it from the BMLT admin tool one day and I undeleted it this morning. After restoring it to our BMLT database successfully, the generated .csv file still shows a “D” in the delete cell for that meeting.

    Do I need to wait a certain amount of time before the generated .csv file refreshes? Or, perhaps, is my issue due to the Uncoast not using the more popular WordPress application?

    Best regards.

    Mike K.

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    Hi Mike,

    Looks like the meeting was deleted on 4/17 then created again on 4/24. I can see it was then published on 5/12. I don’t think there is an undelete function. But the publish function could be interpreted as an undelete.

    So, in the CSV there are 2 records for the same meeting. One shows D for the deleted meeting (as you mentioned) and the other shows normally.

    I just called Lori at NAWS to ask how she deals with this. She said it happens all the time and its not a problem. If you look at the CSV file there is a Last Changed column. For duplicates only the most recent change will be imported.

    Hope that helps.


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    Thanks, Jack.

    I almost feel as if I’m getting a better grip on these database issues. I see both entries for the same meeting (one marked earlier for deletion and one with a more current date and not marked for deletion). Its hard to keep times of editing straight.

    One last suggestion: It would be nicer if the NAWS meeting locator gave the list of meetings in chronological order. Now, it seems to be listing meetings randomly for any give day (like first listing a 9pm meeting, then a noon meeting, then a 8:00pm meeting, then a 7pm meeting).

    I hesitate to ask Lori to do more then she does. I’m glad our ASC’s meeting information is current with NAWS (its a truly delightful experience).


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