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    Perhaps, I met some of you at the last Service Symposium. Pretty sure Jack, advocating WordPress, was there. Steve L. and Chris M. lead the Tech workshops, and they seemed to be considering the BMLT for Well that never happened, because of some shortcoming in the BMLT. As you know something new or different meets strong resistance from users or clients and it can get ugly. Recent examples are CBDM and SSP. May I say that I hope our service committees ( Free State Region) adopt CBDM, and some of the areas (like Baltimore (over 400 groups)) adopt LSUs or GSUs. Enough of that unrelated (to this topic) chatter.

    I see that this is a WP site. That’s nice. I am the web servant for the Free State Region. It took almost half a year for me to implement a Joomla site at Going from Front Page for my web design attempts to a CMS required some learning. To clarify it took less than a month to get the site up on a temporary sub-domain for review by members of the region. That was good because a number of wrinkles were ironed out and some features added. By the way Chris M. (MagShare) complained about Joomla as he developed the Joomla client for the BMLT. So I have decided to learn Worpress and move the regional site to that platform.

    Actually I have been playing with WP for a couple of years, but got serious after failing to upgrade an active Joomla site with existing features intact and failing to to wrap my head around Drupal. So here I am with a personal site at on WordPress. It is currently a work in progress. I purchased a premium theme called Thesis which has evolved over the past year into something that looks really promising.

    They say that one can build a site without needing to write HTML or PHP or CSS. And, one can, but it is kind of plain looking. As you can see. I have installed WP eMember and WP eStore as well as Thesis. Now it seems that I may be getting somewhere. What I like about thesis is the trend toward responsive skins where mobile devices can be detected and their displays are suited to the device. This is great because……..well. Check it out at Please forgive the lack of content and decoration. This is a work in Progress.

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    I am close friends with Lou p. And am also a webdesigner and if you guys need my help I will be glad to donate my time. I have a na website at Need me let me know at pfnorth12@

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