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    Jack S

    One of the most significant features of BMLT is the ability to print a PDF meeting list directly from the live database of current meetings. To view the Greater Orlando Area’s PDF current meeting list visit this link.

    Each Area can have their own unique meeting list or the Region could adopt a standard meeting list format used by each Area.

    A huge benefit of using BMLT is that the Florida Region could potentially have a Regional Meeting list.

    Along with this benefit comes the ability to print custom meeting lists by city, geographical boundaries, etc

    These meeting lists would provide a great service to the community along with giving Hospitals and Institutions and Public Relations service committees another resource to help “Carry the Message” of Narcotics Anonymous to the addict that still suffers.

    To create a Florida Region or custom meeting list, all Areas in the Florida Region would need to adopt the BMLT. Implementing BMLT is very easy and there is a vast amount of resources available with 33 implementations covering more than 5,000 meetings in twelve Regions with the Florida Region being the newest addition.

    You can read more about Who’s using BMLT by visiting the following link.

    If your Area has an interest or willingness in participating, please contact me at the following email.

    Jack S
    Florida Region
    Technology Resource Coordinator

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