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    Jack S

    Instructions for Implementing BMLT can be found in the “Help” section of the website.

    These are just a few of the pages located on the where all of the instructions are located.

    Jack S and Chris M are more then willing to provide assistance or answer questions.

    Please reply to this topic and we’ll get back to you soon.

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    Hilary Oliveira

    Can you please put a DIRECT link to where I can get this information to post in the BMLT? I cannot seem to decipher this cryptic method of posting.

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    Hilary Oliveira

    thank you

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    Ramon R.

    hey do they have it for the android

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    Jack S

    For the Android (or most any smartphone) this link will open a special smartphone page where you can find meetings. You can try it now to see what it looks like.

    The options to “Select A Fast Meeting Lookup” will not work in the Bay Area since they do not have their meetings in BMLT.

    However, you can “Search for Meetings Near An Address”. Try a few cities like Orlando, Lakeland or Jacksonville. Select the option for “Later Today” or “Tomorrow” to see the results on a mp.

    The following Areas have meetings in BMLT.

    Bermuda Area
    Bahamas Area
    Daytona Area
    First Coast Area
    Forest Area
    Greater Orlando Area
    Heartland Area
    Palm Coast Area
    River Coast Area
    Serenity Coast Area
    Unity Springs Area

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    Hello Jack,

    The Bay Area wishes to join the 21st century and implement the BMLT on our website. I can see from browsing around that there are many options & variations operating on the Florida NA websites. You had previously offered your help and I’m ready to give it a shot. As they say, resistance is useless. Where/when/what do you need from me to get the process started?

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    Jack S

    Hi Rodney,

    Great to hear the Bay Area wishes to join the BMLT party. I’ll be sending you an email in the next day with more information related to installing BMLT. For what it’s worth, it took me at least a year to get the willingness to even evaluate BMLT. I wasn’t so sure it was going to be worth the effort. Two years later, I can honestly say that it was.

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    Hey Jack,

    Happy New Year… I’ve been waiting to hear back from you, but I can see you’ve been very busy updating the Florida Region website. (Looks great, by the way) When you get a chance, please contact me regarding helping the Bay Area getting BMLT and joining the party. What is Step 1?

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    Jennifer S.

    That’s music to my ears! I’m excited to see my Area get setup for this! Thank you Rodney for all your service in our Area your doing such an amazing job and I really appreciate it!

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    Gary T.

    I still can’t figure how to get this on my phone. Can someone explain to me with 1st grade language how to do this. Thanks, Gary T.

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    1. On your smartphone browser go to the Florida Region website (
    2. Click on Menu
    3. Click on Meetings
    4. Click on Smartphone.

    Or. Enter the following link into your smartphone browser.

    For iPhones or iPads, go the app store search for the BMLT app and install it.

    Note: The above steps will also work on iPhones or iPads.

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    So, the Uncoast Area is working toward implementing the BMLT! I’ve inputted and published meeting information for our Saturday and Sunday meetings. However, I’m struggling with how best to provide meeting list map (GPS) location information. Our current website provides meeting location maps links using Google maps (for example,,+2020+W+University+Ave,+Gainesville,+FL+32603&layer=&ie=UTF8&z=13&ll=29.65151,-82.349224&spn=0.105621,0.159645&om=1&iwloc=A) shows the link to google map location for one of our Sunday morning meetings.
    My question is how can we use our current map links for the BMLT meeting list database. Is there an easy copy/paste method I could use?
    ILS, Mike K.

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    Thanks for the response, Jack. However, the BMLT map information is all wrong at this moment. I was hoping you could tell me how to “easily” copy/paste the map information from our existing website to the BMLT’s map database. Any thoughts on that?

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    OK… please forgive my fumblings. I now know what I’m doing…. should have the Uncoast BMLT information completed by the end of the week. Thanks for all your help, Jack. Its a beautiful system that we’re glad to be a part of.
    Mike K.

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    Jack S

    Thanks Mike. Creating the map is the most confusing part. It does take a few times to “get it”. It’s great that Uncoast is on board with BMLT. We’re up to 911 meetings and counting.

    Florida Meetings

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    OK, Jack. As of this moment the Uncoast meeting list information has been totally inputted into the BMLT database! The only field I didn’t know how to complete was the “WorldID”. Where can we obtain that information? I left it blank for the moment.

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    Jack S

    The WorldID field is currently not used. You can leave it blank for now. I believe there were plans to synchronize with the NAWS meeting database. It’s not working at this time. When you are ready, I can update the Uncoast website to display the BMLT pages.

    Thanks for your service!

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    Thanks, Jack. You are doing a great service over there. So, our meeting list information is complete in the FL Region’s bmlt database. Please update the site We’re happy to be a part of this movement….looking forward to the day NAWS can synchronize their database with ours (via BMLT). Please keep us posted to any/all changes to this system and anything we can do to improve upon it.

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    this is fantastic that uncoast has impimented the BMLT but i dont think all the uncoast areas meetings are listed such as IP on drugs tues. and midnight at the flower shop sat.

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    Hi James. I beg to differ. Both of the meetings you mentioned are, indeed, in the BMLT. However, I was kinda concerned about the midnight meeting as, technically speaking, since it begins at midnight, it appears as an extremely early morning Sunday meeting rather than a late night Saturday meeting. Not sure what to do about that.

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    thanks for all the work Mike and Jack this is AWESOME!

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    Big Bend PR

    Hi- Are you folks all aware of and prepared for this?:

    Big Bend PR

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    Jack S

    We are definitely prepared. Thanks for asking. The Florida Region BMLT root server has been updated to the latest version to support Google maps API v3.0. Greater Orlando, Heartland and Daytona areas have updated their local servers as well. The rest of the area websites have until May 19, 2013 to update to the latest version of BMLT. For sites using WordPress this is a very quick and simple plugin update. Sites using the standalone software will be updated between now and May 19 as needed.

    Florida Region IT

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    Kate Aldinger-Adams

    How do we get our meetings on the BMLT? We are responsible for printing the meeting lists in our spacecoast area. We also maintain the website but have not been contacted regarding adding our meeting to this tool. I also wanted to go to the symposium but only recieved the information yesterday.
    Kate, PR and Courage to Change GSR.

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    Mark B

    You can still register for the Symposium (Free) and their are still rooms available at our Group rate at the Hotel (Until Monday). The registration and hotel information is on our Regional Website including a link to the hotel so you can reserve a room. The Florida Region will provide four room nights for each area to attend the Symposium. This is based on four people to a room and others rather than your RCM. There is a huge tab on our regional website home p[age fr the symposium. If you have any questions regarding this you can call me or any of the Regional trusted servants. Their are also tickets still available at this time for the Women in Service Dinner on Friday night(all women are welcome ) and for the Unity Banquet Saturday night and for Box Lunches Friday and Saturday. There are limited seats for the dinners so please purchase food tickets now.

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    I suggest you email the Florida Region IT, Jack directly at about setting up the Suncoast Area on the BMLT.
    He helped me get the Bay Area BMLT going quick & easy just a couple of months ago.

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