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    Scott W.
    Participant there is actually a wordpress plugin for this project. I have deactivated all plugins in an attempt to get any sort of shortcode working for this plugin and it still won’t display. I see that is using this plugin successfully on their wordpress site. Any help in this area would be much appreciated!

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    Dennis B

    I use Chris M.’s WordPress Plugin Version 2.0.10, slightly edited for color.

    Years ago before WordPress when I did it all in html I just embedded his code & CSS into a folder on my root folder.

    Here’s a pic of my plug-in:

    Also – I wouldn’t go to Sourceforge or some other third party site, I would go straight to for Chis’ stuff.


    Dennis B.
    River Coast Area Web Geek

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    Scott W.

    He hosts his files on, as do plenty of programmers, it’s a trusted third party repository. He hotlinks to sourceforge on his own site. I actually forgot one of the first steps to troubleshooting something in WordPress is uninstall it, and reinstall it. The files off sourceforge for version 2.0.10 include an older version (2.0.8) which installs itself alongside the 2.0.10 so I removed them both and grabbed the plugin off and it works fine now. That link is on his site as well. Anyone else who is having an issue getting this to work, <!– NACC –> is the shortcode that works properly for our site at least, running the most current version of WordPress with the Responsive theme. Thank you Dennis!

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    Scott W.

    sorry the proper shortcode is <!– NACC –> if that displays properly.

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    Scott W.

    Wow, yeah that doesn’t. Two dashes in those, not one. Forum is doing something weird to the text. I sort of have to laugh at odd bugs sometimes 🙂

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    Scott, thanks for sharing your issue and solution with the nacc plugin shortcode. And thanks Dennis for sharing your ESH.

    It works when “we” work it!

    Hint. When posting html or other source code use the “pre” tag. This is standard practice and supports all browsers.

    <!–- NACC -–>

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    Scott W.

    Cool thank you Jack, another thing I noticed and completely off topic, is when I clicked on edit post, it wouldn’t let me edit and took me to a new posting for the default forum. I don’t know if this is a browser issue or you have editing turned off, sorry about the multiple postings!

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