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    Dennis B

    Wanted to let ya’ll know that I’ve got our site in WordPress and live now. Retired the old html site I’ve worked with for 5 years.

    Also switched our events calendar to google calendar and added the regional calendar to the view.

    I didn’t do a whole lot with meetings except post the list becasue I’m waiting/hoping to implement bmlt

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Dennis B.

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    Looks great Dennis! Congratulations on making the switch to WordPress. Started using it about 3 years ago and keep finding more and more things to with it, such as this site.

    I see you got the regional calendar on the site and are waiting to implement BMLT. We should be moving forward with BMLT very soon. So far, we have 4 areas interested and waiting. An announcement will be posted outlining the process of how, we as the Florida Region, could implement BMLT along with each Area’s responsibilities, etc.

    It seems you are having issues with php4 on your current host. Just so you are aware, there is potential for hosting Area websites on the Florida Region server. The details still need to be defined, but the potential exists.

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    Looks good, Dennis!

    I’m more than happy to help with the BMLT. I’m working on a couple of bugs (none serious), and the latest root server release (the one Jack would install) will support non-Roman characters. Since FL has a large Spanish population, this may be useful.

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