River Coast Area BMLT Goes Live

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    Jack S

    The second implementation of a BMLT satellite has been successfully completed on the River Coast Area website. Thanks to the service of Dennis B, BMLT was installed and populated with all the River Coast meetings in just a few days. Visit this link.


    The Florida Region has an officially implemented BMLT server. Areas that are interested in implementing a BMLT satellite can move forward. Instructions for implementing BMLT can be found here.


    Since BMLT has been widely adopted in the US and UK, there is a vast amount of resources available including support from Chris M (the author of the tool) and myself.

    Jack S
    Technology Resource Coordinator
    Florida Region

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    Dennis B


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    Hi Jack (never say that at an airport, BTW),

    I noticed that the AJAX throbber is not displaying correctly. I’m not sure why, but the URI is screwy:


    Note the extra “http://” at the beginning.

    It may well be a bug in the plugin, but I’m not exactly sure what it could be.

    You may also want to consider using the new map search: [[bmlt_map]]

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    Jack S

    I checked Orlando Area and Florida Region satellites. Both throbbers are throbbing.

    Dennis, could you verify the satellite plugin on your site? Should be Version 2.1.25.

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    Dennis B

    Great tool Chris. We have a guy in our area named Jack and everytime he shares at a meeting and everyone answers “Hi Jack”, that’s exactly what goes thru my mind;)

    Yes, I have version 2.1.25 running on WP 3.1. I haven’t upgraded to 3.2.1 becasue 3.1 is working and there’s always the chance of a compatibility issue with the plug-ins.

    I also tried different color themes to see if it was the default theme – no difference.

    If one of you guys has an idea and wants to take a look at it, I can set you up an admin account to WP.

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    I’ll take a look at it. Send me an email from the MAGSHARE Contact Form, and I’ll get back to you with particulars.

    If it’s a bug in the plugin, then I’ll certainly want to fix it. There’s also a possibility that it is a conflict with another plugin.

    BTW: It is a VERY BAD IDEA to run stale WP installs. If you have plugins that interfere with the ability to upgrade, then get rid of them.

    WP is a HUGE target for hackers, and most of these upgrades are security fixes.

    However, 3.2.1 requires PHP 5.3, and that annoys me, as WP has traditionally supported even very old versions of PHP. This is a new direction they are taking.

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    Jack S

    Yes, to confirm what Chris mentioned. It is imperative to always have the latest version of WordPress installed.

    Primarily for security reasons. And there were a whole bunch of enhancements and bug fixes since 3.1.

    To humbly correct was Chris mentioned. WordPress requires PHP version 5.2.4 or greater.


    I won’t flying anywhere soon (and I hear that all the time).

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    That’s better than 5.3. I know of at least one NA Service body that needs to look for new hosting. In part, because of this requirement. Many hosts are still running PHP 4.X. They can be even more resistant to change than addicts.

    Thanks, Jack!

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