Basic Meeting List Toolbox Root Server

Root Server Administration Console

Update 3-28-20: The decommission of this server has been delayed until the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. This Root Server been upgraded to 2.15.1 which includes support for Temporarily Closed (TC) and Virtual Meeting (VM) formats, as well as fields for meeting links and phone-in numbers. Please indicate where a meeting has stopped meeting in person by using the TC format, and if a meeting now meets via an online platform please use the VM format and fill in the "Virtual Meeting Link" and Phone Meeting Dial-in Number" fields. To display this information on your area's WordPress website, you will need to download or update the Crouton plugin, now on version 3.9 which replaces the BMLT Tabbed UI plugin. For more information please read this blog post from the developers of the BMLT on using the BMLT for virtual meetings.