Florida Regional Surveys

Please fill out the 3 surveys below. Each survey has its own submit button at the bottom of that survey that you must click to send that ballot. You can fill all 3 surveys out at one time or do some of them now and come back another time for the rest. (Tip: To get to the lower surveys quicker on mobile phones, scroll along the edge of your phone, not inside the ballot area. Additionally, the CAR motions are easier to read if you turn your phone to landscape orientation.)

Voting has been extended: All ballots must be submitted by April 12, 8:00pm. These ballots will be tallied at the GSR Assembly in March and will contribute to the Florida Region’s conscience that will be carried by the Regional Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the World Service Conference in April-May 2020.

2020 CAR Survey

2020 CAT Survey

2020 Literature and IDT Survey

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