2024 Florida Service Symposium – Professional Roundtable

Register for the 2024 Florida Service Symposium – Professional Roundtable

March, 14, 2024
Sheraton Tampa East Hotel
10221 Princess Palm Ave
Tampa, FL 33610

We invite you to join us at the upcoming 2024 symposium on Thursday March 14, 2024 at 1pm. Your participation as a contributor in the Public Relations and Professionals’ Round-Table discussions will assist us to better work in cooperation with the professional community as we all help individuals in our communities suffering from addiction.  This event was specifically developed as a vehicle to expand communication between professionals who may directly or indirectly, render services to people in and/or entering the recovering community.


We are working on supplying continuing education units (CEUs) for Professionals who participate this year! We should know for sure in the upcoming months and will update here as well as emailing participants who have already registered.


Past Professionals’ Roundtable events have always been well attended by a wide range of professionals ranging from addiction specialists, mental health professionals, law enforcement agencies and members of the judicial system. In addition to the professionals, many members of our recovering community attend this event hailing from across the U.S. and outside of this country. The demographics of the recovering attendees were as varied as the professionals and this diverse composite of professionals, along with members of the recovering community, illustrates the inspiration of our primary purpose.


We ask that you please register if you are attending; there is no registration cost associated with attendance. There will be a schedule of workshops and special events posted here closer to the event.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ramon R and Carlos N – delegateteam@naflorida.org

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