The purpose of regional services is to support the Areas and Groups in their primary purpose, by linking them together within the Region. Regional services assist Areas and Groups with issues and topics of interest to their areas and encourage the growth of the fellowship through Area Support Group meetings, project driven workgroups and consensus based decision making.

To better serve Areas, their member groups and individual addicts; to allow more widespread participation by more individual members; and to more fully utilize available human resources.


  • HRP Volunteer Form – creates a database of members in the region and their skill set – both personal and professional. Please fill out this form so the HRP panel can consider you for a position at the Florida Regional Service Committee (admin, workgroup, resource coordinator, etc) and update periodically as you serve in new positions or learn new skills.
  • Behind the Walls – A centralized resource for information regarding taking meetings behind the walls at state and federal prisons in Florida. It includes forms and other information that help facilitate volunteering and coordinating volunteers who serve Behind the Walls.
  • Consensus Based Decision Making PowerPoint – A great resource that explores the way we make decisions at the Florid RSC.
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