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Florida Regional Services

The purpose of regional services is to support the Areas and Groups in their primary purpose, by linking them together within the Region. Regional services assist Areas and Groups with issues and topics of interest to their areas and encourage the growth of the fellowship through Area Support Group meetings, project driven workgroups and consensus based decision making.

To better serve Areas, their member groups and individual addicts; to allow more widespread participation by more individual members; and to more fully utilize available human resources.


The Fellowship Development Group meets twice each RSC weekend. The morning session is a large group discussion meeting that any trusted servant or N.A. member is encouraged to attend. The afternoon session is a meeting of workgroups assigned particular projects.

  • Individual areas address their area’s concerns (can develop into an idea for a roundtable discussion by YOU).
  • Ideas are discussed after breaking into roundtables (YOU comprise the roundtables)
  • Presentation to all by YOU of the roundtable findings regarding each of the ideas discussed.
  • Prioritize workgroup development (voted on by YOU based on level of importance
  • Top three ideas become Workgroups for further discussion
  • Current FD Workgroups
    • SEZF BMLT Merger
    • Guide Housekeeping
    • FD Lost workgroup archives
    • RSC Rotation
    • GSR Assembly Attraction
    • Website Revamp
    • Value of Region


Regional Service Committee (RSC) is a Committee made up of the RCM’s from the Florida Region. This Service Committee is designed to provide service to its member Areas. An ASC and RSC are similar in nature and purpose, but their respective functions are slightly different. While an ASC serves the common needs of its member Groups, the Florida Region serves three basic functions:

  • The primary function of the RSC is to unify the Areas within the Region
  • The secondary function of the RSC is to carry the message of recovery through the actions of the Fellowship Development Group and its defined workgroups.
  • The third function of the RSC is to contribute to the growth of NA both by initiating much of the work to be finalized at the World Service Conference and by helping our World Services.

The RSC Conferences are held on the third Sunday of the following months: January, May, July, September and November and March in even years. In the odd year, it will be held the fourth Sunday to facilitate the Southeastern Zonal Forum’s attendance at the Florida Service Symposium. The RSC Conferences are to be held to a two-day function. (No Friday workgroup or group meetings or board meetings.) The RSC meeting shall not be held at any Recovery Weekend, MiniConvention, etc., or in the same area it is being held.

Friday - Welcome
9pm – 11pmRecovery Meeting (suggested)
Saturday - Recovery Meeting
7am – 8amJust For Today (suggested)
Saturday - RSC Administrative Meeting
8am – 9amAdministrative Meeting (as necessary)
Saturday - Fellowship Development
The agenda may be modified as needed. Everyone should be present at 9am.
It is suggested that all elected RSC Trusted Servants and RCMs participate in Fellowship Development.
9am – 12:30pmOrientation
  • Orientation is not for new members only. Everyone should be present.
  • The agenda will be announced along with an overview of Fellowship Development.
  • Presentations as needed.
Area Support Group
  • A forum that is supportive in order to assist members with basic situations and needs.
  • Anyone may bring forward for discussion an issue that is affecting their area.
  • They may also use this forum to bring an idea for possible inclusion as a project/workgroup.
Fellowship Development Group
  • Project Ideas Submitted - Suggestions may come from the Area Support Group, Regional Committee Members (RCM) or an Area Service Committee via their RCM, FRC or RSO Boards, Administrative Committee, Resource Coordinators and the Human Resource Panel.
  • Roundtable Discussions - This method is used to bring people together to brainstorm, tackle many elements of an issue, and come to a consensus solution. Carried out in small group format, each group discusses an assigned topic. Each small group presents its findings to the larger group.
  • Project Ideas Prioritized - After each project is presented to the group and discussed in roundtables, the group will prioritize by consensus. Each member present will vote once on each project, either high, medium or low priority. A point system is assigned; High = 3, Medium = 2, Low = 1. The points are tallied after all projects have been voted on, thus determining where each project ranks. The top three projects are approved as a workgroup for HRP selection.
12:30pm – 2pmLunch on own
2pm – 4pmFellowship Development Group (continued)
Behind the Walls Orientation as needed
Workgroups as needed
  • A workgroup is the body consisting of members selected from the Human Resource Panel assigned to complete a task or set of tasks which we call Projects. Workgroups can meet in between RSC weekends and/or during Fellowship Development.
Saturday - FRC Board and HRP
10am – 2pmFRCNA Board Meeting
HRP Meeting and Interviews
Saturday - RSC GTFRS Meeting
4pm – 5pmGuide to Florida Regional Service Group Meeting
Saturday - Project Planning Meeting
5pm – 6pmFellowship Development / HRP
Saturday - Evening
5:30pm – 8:30pmDinner on own
8:30pm – 9:30pmRecovery Meeting (Speaker) TBD by the Host Area
9:30pm – 12amActivity / Event TBD by the Host Area
Sunday - Recovery Meeting
7am – 8amJust For Today (suggested)
Sunday - Florida Regional Service Conference
9am – 3pmFlorida Regional Service Conference
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