Technology Alternate Resource Coordinator Position

Greetings fellow nerds!

We have an opening at the Florida Region for the Technology Alternate Resource Coordinator Position.  It’s a ridiculously long name for a super cool and crucial service position.  The tech resource coordinator team handles all things (duh).

Some of the things we take care of include:

  • Managing our regional Google Workspace (emails, drives)
  • Helping areas maintain their BMLT (meeting list) and YAP (helpline) systems
  • Setting up and running the hybrid RSC weekends (including Florida Service Symposium and GSR Assembly)
  • Updating and revamping the regional website
  • Helping tech challenged members figure out what the hell happened to that icon that used to be on their phone’s home screen (not really in our job description but it’s hard to say no when they look so sad and confused).

If it sounds like a crapload of responsibility, you’re right, it really is.  It also may sound like you have to be an IT superperson and know everything about every aspect that makes up “technology.”  But don’t be scared, the wonderful part is that we have an entire team made up of nerds of all different stripes to help make things happen.  Delegation is the name of the game here, friend, and it’s actually a beautiful process of all of us, holding hands, singing koombaya, and getting sh*t done.  Except for the holding hands part; it would be hard to use a keyboard. And the singing; thank god.

If you’re interested in this position or need more information, please fill out the HRP form and feel free to reach out to me, Michelle C, the current tech resource coordinator.  You can also find the official details and requirements of the position in our Guide to Florida Regional Service starting on page 29 (for the tech resource coordinator) to page 31 (for the tech alternate resource coordinator).

Join the party and lets make cool stuff happen and help carry the message together!


Michelle C
Florida Region Technology Resource Coordinator

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